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Will it fit?

The FixFox DirtCap has been designed for following Fox forks with remote lock-out: - 2014/2015 CTD lock-out system, Fox partnumber: 820-05-272-KIT: 2014 Remote Topcap Interface Parts Installation procedure : - 2016/2017 FIT4 lock-out system, Fox partnumbers: 820-05-332-KIT: Service Set: 2016 FIT4 TopCap Interface Parts F-S Remote Installation procedure: 820-05-333-KIT: Service Set: 2016 FIT4 TopCap Interface Parts P-S Remote Installation procedure : - 2018 FIT4/Grip lock-out system, Fox partnumbers: 820-05-455-KIT: 2018 FIT4 TopCap Interface Parts F-S Remote, U-Cup, Push-Unlock 820-05-456-KIT: 2018 FIT4 TopCap Interface Parts F-S Remote, U-Cup, Push-Lock 820-05-473-KIT: 2018 FIT4 TopCap Interface Parts P-S Remote, U-Cup, Push-Unlock 820-05-474-KIT: 2018 FIT4 TopCap Interface Parts P-S Remote, U-Cup, Push-Lock Installation procedure: 820-05-445-KIT: 2018 Grip Remote, Topcap Interface Parts Installation procedure: If you have a different model it probably will not fit. Choose the correct model FixFox DirtCap for your fork, see product descriptions.

How's it made?

The parts are 3D printed using PLA plastic. Polylactic Acid (PLA) is different than most thermoplastic polymers in that it is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. Most plastics, by contrast, are derived from the distillation and polymerization of nonrenewable petroleum reserves. Plastics that are derived from biomass like PLA are known as “bioplastics”. Despite its ability to degrade when exposed to the elements over a long time, PLA is extremely robust in any normal application and should last at least some mountainbiking seasons in the dirt. And should you lose a part in nature during one of your adventures you don't have to worry, it will bio-degrade over time. With 3D printing, a part is built layer by layer (0,1 mm at a time in this case). These layers remain slightly visible in the finished part. A bit comparable to a vinyl record. All parts are printed at 66.6 mm/s so you can be a beast on the trails.

How does it work?

The FixFox DirtCap works by keeping the dirt out the remote actuator, which will make it operate smoothly for a lot longer time compared to when it is not covered and when mud, water and dirt can get in there and generate extra friction. Offcourse the remote needs to function 100% before it is covered! If you have a remote which is not working perfect you or your local bike shop will need open it up to clean and grease the internals. If too much damage was already done a new topcap assembly or fork cartrigde might have to be fitted to get it working OK again. Covering a non functioning remote will result in a covered non working remote...


Check out the installation video for a FixFox Low model: Other installation videos will be uploaded shortly.

How does it stay in place?

The FixFox DirtCap clicks onto the lock-out U-cup. Same principle as the cover of a spray can that clicks in place. So to remove the FixFox DirtCap some force will have to be used to get it off. It is designed to stay in place after all! A blunt screwdriver could be used to pop off the DirtCap, but watch out not to damage it. Multiple removal and refitting might wear the lip that hold the part in place. On the FixFox high and low model an extra ziptie can be added under the remote cable which will secure it even extra.


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