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3D printed bikeparts for all

It was in September 2017 when I saw an interesting Facebook post from Michiel Van Aelbroeck, multiple Belgian (mtb) champ.

His picture showed the bike hack he used to keep the dirt out of his Fox lock-out actuator to keep it working. He used a plastic bottle cap cut to size and some duct tape to keep it in place. This prevents dust or mud getting in the lock-out mechanism. This dirt will generate extra friction resulting in the lockout dial not fully returning anymore.

A real cool hack but a 3D printed part would look a lot more pro!

As an engineer and  bike enthousiast I was intrigued when I first saw the 3D printed remote lockout on Aaron Gwin his downhill bike for the 2017 Leogang world cup downhill.

The idea to be able to design and create your own custom bike parts was fascinating, but I did not have a downhill bike nor did I have to compete for the top spot in worldcup races.


So at that time I did not yet rush out to get my own 3D printer. But the idea stayed in the back of my head.

I had also experienced the same issue of the not returning lockout dial on my own Fox fork remote lock-out. So I was eager to get a solution for my own bike as well.


And based on the Facebook comments on Michiel his post, it looked like a lot of people experienced the issue. I even found some videos from people who have the same issue on Youtube.

This was the time to get my own 3D printer!

So after some months of designing and testing, the FixFox DirtCap is available to the public to fight those Fox lock-out issues!

Keep the dirt out and keep the remote happy!

3D printed bike parts for all!

Koen Claeys - KC Bike Tech